Apprentices Showoff Newly Learnt Skills in a Competition in Canton

CANTON – Four years of sharpening their skills has left 33 apprentices from Ohio competing to show off their new skills and experiences.

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The participants are equipped with plumbing, pipefitting, or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system) skills with union citizens that come along with the United Association Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders & Service Techs.

They have demonstrated their talents in a three-day competition at House Electric, one of 15 United Association locals in Ohio.

The apprentice curriculum goes on for about five years. This is the process wherein the apprentice works with experienced men to learn the process and experience all that is connected to the trade. Proper training teaches the participants to do their work adequately and safely.

House Electric apprentices practice with local companies and take evening classes two days a week. These classes have them practice their math and science, as well as educate them on the working of equipment and tools that are needed for the job.

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Once the two-year program is finished, these apprentices will choose to work in their specific field (plumbing, pipefitting, or HVAC).

Apprenticeships Teach a Trade

Logan Weiser is from Wooster and has been a practicing electrician but resolved to join House Electric and practice in HVAC, doing the same as his brother in the House Electric. The HVAC training was due to the wages and advantages.

He also did so over attending college, as he did not want the college loan debt to pile up. Additionally, he preferred his full-time training and work with Speer Mechanical.

Steve Lunsford in Canal Fulton also joined the House Electric, learning pipefitting, after he dropped out of college and left his dead-end factory job.

Adam Campbell is another example of leaving a factory job and having two associate degrees to work with House Electric for a better career opportunity as a plumber.

The three of them are now apprentices in this competition where judges have arrived from the United Association all over the country.

Competition Regulations

The winners of the competition get prizes and bragging rights. Additionally, they get to take part in a regional competition at Louisville, Kentucky, in June. The national competition is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, later this summer.

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The pandemic has postponed the competition for two years now. This year, all judges and participants are required to be vaccinated.

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