Business card examples for a particular niche

Depending on your field of work and how quickly and easily you want to draw people in, it may be a good idea to select business card examples that clearly tell the viewer what it is you do. In today’s times, with so many flashy, colorful business cards, it is all too easy to get misled or confused altogether about who does what with what company. Rather than force your prospects to make mental or literal notes about your business card, take the guess work out of the whole process and let the picture or logo on your business card examples tell them exactly what it is that you do! The business card examples referenced in this paragraph are an excellent sample of a to-the-point business card. If you were to take a look at this business card without looking at the text, you would most likely assume that the company in question was plumbing related, or at the very least water related. Clearly, business card examples like these are successful in telling what it is they’re advertising! Business card examples like these make it very easy for individuals to quickly choose the card they want so they can get in touch with the company they need.

What may look good in business card examples may not always look good in print, and in the hands of your potential clients. We all like money. We like having money, we like saving money, and we especially like spending money. But that doesn’t mean we should be showcasing money. This particular selection of business card examples is one that you should shy away from, unless your business deals exclusively with money. And by exclusively, I mean a business that is all about money coming and money going. Good examples of businesses that might consider these types of business card examples include cash advance stores, banks and lenders, investors, and tax handling agencies. Most other businesses, while dealing with money on a day to day basis, may not want to advertise such blatant images of money on their business cards. In that case, you should look to other business card examples for a solution.

Unique business card examples

Depending on your business and your methods of advertising, sometimes your best bet is to be really unique with your choice of business cards! We have thousands of business card examples available on our site, and in the bunch we have some rather unique ones available! This particular choice of business card examples is pleasingly different. The background is not just dark, it’s black! Black is almost unheard of when it comes to business card examples, simply because it’s so dark and can take away the limelight from any other objects on the business card. Not so with this particular business card! The use of a black background with the steel floor to help offset it makes a terrific setup for plain white text to depict the company name and slogan, business card owner’s full name and job ttle, and address and contact details. Perhaps this particular option of business card examples will work for you. Or perhaps not. If not, be sure to check out our wide selection of high quality business card examples, and find one that works for you!

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