Starting Your Own Online Business Basics

Starting an online business requires taking on many different roles. From formulating an initial online business concept to designing and developing a website. Here you will find online business information to help you understand all the steps required to start an online business. Lets get started.

The Basics:

1. Domain Name (Must Have)
Your domain name is your website’s name and address.

2. Web Hosting (Must Have)
Your online business will “live” on a computer called a Web server. The server is usually provided and managed by a Web hosting company.

3. Building a Website (Must Have)
From hiring a professional design firm, to a freelance Web designer, to buying a low-cost template and making the changes yourself, there are many ways to build a website.

4. Search Engine Optimization (Optional but HIGHLY recommended)
Ensure your website ranks well in search results.

5. Online Advertising (Optional)
Before spending big bucks on an online advertising campaign, make sure your plan is maximizing the effectiveness of your ad budget.

6. Online Marketing (Optional)
The Web offers many different ways to market your business. Many of them are completely free!

7. Ecommerce (Optional)
Selling physical goods online.

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