The Use of a Polarizing Film in Display Industry

A polarizing film is an important sheet that enables the display to show its picture by limiting the amount of light. This film is an important element that can affect the picture quality of the screen. Polarizing film is the advanced technology that contributes to larger, thinner, and high picture quality liquid crystal displays. This filter is used in most of the LCD screens around the world including TVs, smartphones, tablet PCs, and 3D glasses, 3D projector, camera filter, photography and continues to develop as the devices themselves evolve.

The polarizer film can control the light transmissions and shows pictures on LCD (liquid crystal displays). Without this film, the screen would only glow white and images and texts would be invisible. Polarizer film also can be used in next-generation devices such as car electronics and wearable devices.

3Dlens polarizing films are a good solution for applications that need glare reduction caused by reflected light, sunglasses, including camera filters, and Device vision systems. Their optical sheets with reflective polarizer are perfectly designed to be laminated in the backlight of a display. Also they can reflect on polarization of light into the backlight of a display in which it is repolarized, producing better brightness of the display with a wide viewing angle.

3Dlens offers a large selection of in-stock polarizer films available in sheet sizes and large panels. When you visit their site at, you can choose from optical films that are circular, linear, reflective and transflective options. Also, any of their products can be silk screened, custom cut, or laminated to glass or acrylic.

Their quality optical films have been used to improve the readability of LCD and LED for various applications in electronics, computers, medical equipment, and many other industries. Their display filters can transmit visual details to the eye clearly, comfortably and quickly for maximum readability over various ambient lighting situations – from total darkness to bright sunlight.

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