The Technology That’s Keeping Homes Defended Against Water Contaminants

While many families are well defended against some of the more common dangers of life, where their defenses truly lack are all related to water contamination. Families all across the globe are otherwise unaware that there’s a chance contaminated water could be seeping through their pipes and feeding out of their faucets. Water contamination remains a large issue throughout the world, mostly due to the ways in which these contaminated sources of water impact those infected. This post will go on to detail how nearby water sources can be contaminated, in addition to detailing a number viruses, bacteria, and parasitic contaminants that have been known to commonly impact families.

For families hoping to find the best way to avoid these contaminants, investment into the most advanced water purification technology is necessary. With the right treatment processes, families can be sure that the water being sourced into their home is the safest water each time. Failure to avoid these contaminants can be deadly, which is why it’s particularly important to fully understand each and every one that your family can be exposed to.

For those living in more rural parts of the country, an example of contamination could go something like this. A few days’ worth of rain can wash the fecal matter from the surrounding farms into the nearby rivers and streams. Those bodies of water are now infected with E. coli as a result. This is just an example of an external environment being affected, though. Your family and home could be in danger as a result of contaminated water as well. For example, your home’s air conditioning and sprinkler systems could be filled with water that is carrying Legionella. The droplets and mists that this water would emit could then enter your family’s respiratory systems and cause Legionnaires disease. Unfortunately, Legionnaires, while being particularly dangerous, is not the only contaminant your family has to worry about. Additional contaminants have been detailed below.

Pseudomonas: at worst a life threatening pathogen, pseudomonas is a very common cause of documented infections in the United States each year. This bacteria can be found in living soil in addition to many water sources. For most, symptoms of an infection from this bacteria include pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and sometimes even sepsis. For the safety of your family, regularly maintenance your plumbing systems as this pathogen is most commonly found within these systems in the home.

Giardia Lamblia: this parasite is commonly known to infect its victims through the drinking of unclean water. Through reproduction in the infected’s small intestine, this bacteria gives its host giardiasis. This condition includes symptoms of diarrhea, stomach cramps and even fevers.

Salmonella: if your family includes a reptilian or amphibian based pet, they could be at risk of this bacteria as well. Mostly transferred through lack of disinfecting after touching these creatures, symptoms could include severe gastrointestinal problems. Nausea, diarrhea and vomiting are the most common.

For more information on these contaminants, in addition to more that remain unlisted, be sure to check out the infographic featured alongside this post.

Chris Ebener is a mechanical engineer for LiquiTech, with a proven track record of diagnosing and remediating public water system issues of various sizes and complexity. Ebener is an expert on the biochemical makeup of facility water systems, system architecture and various methodologies of public drinking water treatment

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