The importance of leaving medical face masks to hospitals and other medical professionals

As you have seen at many public places, it is true that only those who are sick or work in medical care must be wearing masks today. When you are healthy and you are not taking care of someone who suffers from coronavirus, you should not be panic to purchase medical face masks that actually serve a higher purpose for a hospital. In many countries, doctors combating the pandemic are struggling with a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment), the medical face masks included. in this article, I would like to explain the reasons why we need to buy certified non-medical face masks instead of medical face masks.

The biggest problem is that nurses and doctors don’t have the essential gear to protect themselves and they were also being asked to reuse the medical face masks. It is really ridiculous. Many people asking the doctors and nurses to look after a sick population. If they are unable to protect themselves, then they will get sick and there will be no doctors and nurses to take care of the sick population.

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested that you must only wear a face mask in case you get infected with the coronavirus or if you are looking after someone who are infected by covid-19. Otherwise, you are just using up PPE supplies for those who might really need these medical face masks such as health care professionals.

Actually nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals usually wear face masks to protect you from them. These masks will make it harder for harmful stuff in their noses and mouths to reach you, which are particularly important to wear during surgery or even some other surgical procedure.

When you are infected with covid-19 or looking after someone who is infected or those who are in a high risk situation, wearing medical face mask is likely not required.

However, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently modified its instruction on face masks to highly recommend that all people can wear some type of non medical face mask in public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

During the pandemic, looking for face masks is quite difficult, even at a local store or pharmacy. Buying masks online can be a solution. You don’t need to worry. You still have an option when considering to buying a non-medical face mask. You will find a place to purchase certified non-medical face masks at affordable prices. Don’t hassle with higher price offered on Amazon, eBay, or other eCommerce sites. Go straight to the source to buy certified non-medical face masks.

During a contagious disease outbreak that has become a pandemic, you should know what is the priority and more important. Therefore, all people must realize that your actions may have an impact to everyone else and you eventually. The key to preventing or at least minimizing the significant impact of a coronavirus is to understand who should be protected first: medical care professionals. When you are panic and buy all medical face masks you might be leaving these medical professionals unprotected so that they can spread viruses to others. And nobody wants to see it happen, except the viruses.

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