The easy ways to handle complaints in Educational Institutions

When handling complaints, universities and also higher education have a much bigger task existing than the typical business.

Universities and colleges gather together a massive variety of people, from staff to students to trades people, from various ages and backgrounds and youth predominate. Incidents and Complaints occur on various levels, inside departments or even cross-functionally, in administration or academics, on cases which range from security to serious crime. Sexual harassment, Bullying as well as other student complaints regarding faculty members are typical and mind boggling issues.

Because of so many factors at play, it is considering the fact that complaint management might be a main factor of university administration. Therefore, it is surprising that numerous institutions still work with spreadsheets to handle this critical, ongoing activity.

The issue of high complaint quantity is made more serious by compliance responsibilities most educational institutions face. Process should be followed and also records preserved to prove compliance with predetermined codes of practice at every complaints process. In situations where legal action is a probability, documented proof which can be made in a court of law is an essential requirement.

Even though complaints do not bring a possibility of lawsuit, penalties such as fines or even de-certification if failures of process. Some university accreditations stipulate a number of requirements for complaints control. This might mean submitting annual reports explaining the effectiveness of safety programs or even giving comparative information on the occurrence of sexual harassment claims.
Providing this kind of data is surely an greater challenge when there are campuses located in more than one city, or country. Educational institutions need to fulfill the legal requirements of every region wherein they operate. To make it easier you can Try tracking this with Anonymous feedbacks platform from Saajal.

This anonymous online review platform offers an effective compliance tool – and will save you big amounts of time in a variety of ways – for instance:

  • Important procedure steps can be automated based on various departmental or even management needs. All these may include inspections for documentary requirements, automated escalation or even external report of specific complaints, and also deadline notifications.
  • Comments are stored in a secure data repository.
  • Input is easy, and step by step entry criteria make sure that all information is inserted properly.
    Dashboards enable authorized persons at various levels to keep track of progress, from particular occurrences to a status report on the whole establishment.
  • It’s an easy task to create reports from the data repository. An essential feature for legal and also regulatory compliance, this helps to ensure that all necessary data is incorporated in reports without the trouble of collecting information from several persons, files, or even systems.

This Anonymous review platform is easy to use, simple to learn, and extremely affordable. it is really effective in helping educational institutions handle complaints, adhere to regulations, and also use time productively.

Listed below are a few steps For Employers and Educational Institutions to use Anonymous review platform from Saajal :

  • Create your team, class or employer page by signing up at
    They will send you a special link and also password by email.
  • Share the link and also password to all the members in your team or institution.
  • Now, your students or employees can send their concerns and problems anonymously instantly to you by using the link that you have shared.
  • The admin can also view their ratings, read comments and also tackle their problems or inform them what improvements have been done. offers an anonymous online review platform that can help you receive compliments, complaints and comments from your customers, students and employees instantly to your inbox.

They also support an array of businesses like restaurants, motels, hospitals, salons,
and many others. When your business has many customers and if you would like to receive honest opinions from the consumer, signup today at and you can receive the feedback instantly. Run your business based on your customer needs and try to make them loyal for a long time and this platform can help you realize your customers like never before and it will also improve your customer retention rate.

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