5 Business Apps For Ease and Effeciency

The pace of business in the modern era is dictated by the speed of technology. Increased connectivity and emerging fields create demands for new innovations to meet the needs of professionals. With the mobile revolution marching onward, smartphone applications are more than just games and tools. Apps are compartmentalized functions. And if keeping your business or job functional is of importance to you, then make sure you have the right apps for the job. (more…)

Business Shames – Serious Business Issues To Think About

It would be a wonderful business world if these ‘business shames’ and issues could be improved
1. Due to greed, self serving power struggles or incompetence, doing things that hurt customers, clients, employees, the business organization or the environment
2. Corporate ‘Mission Statements’ not being upheld or not being truly followed by everyday examples
3. Misleading or lying to customers or clients, employees or the marketplace
4. Not growing a business’s capabilities to stay competitive in the marketplace and to stay a viable business (more…)