Ontario Declares Funds to Aid Plumbing and Pipefitting

Ontario is supplying more than $11.6 million to two programs built for the training of almost 1,500 union apprentices and journey people to enhance and improve their skills.

The Ontario government has decided to devote more than $11.6 million to a couple of projects built to aid about 1,500 apprentices and journeymen to enhance their plumbing, steam fitting, sprinkler fitting, welding, and refrigerator trade skills.

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As the initial project, the Ontario Pipe Trade Council of the United Association will attain $10.5 million to help train more than 1,000 registered applicants and journey people.

This fund will help the applicants receive virtual and on-campus training to enhance their skills and learn the working of specific equipment so that they may understand the adequate functioning techniques.

The rest of the $1.1 million goes to the Joint Training & Apprenticeship Committee Local 64 center to allow a six-week training program for 488 apprentices.

Qualified applicants will also get income aid while attending school full-time. Additionally, they can opt for other financial aid like living allowance, community allowance, or dependent aid.

For the first of the two projects, the Ontario Pipe Trades Council will get around $10.5 million for new equipment and training for more than 1,000 apprentices. This fund will aid them by supplying virtual and in-class sessions to enhance their skills, and learn to utilize specialized equipment to understand different functional techniques.

Mike Gordon, Director of Canadian Training in the United Association Canada says that Ontario has always been a leader in all apprentice programs. “Within Ontario alone, our UA Local Training centers support upwards of 6,500 Apprentices throughout their journey toward successful completion while simultaneously upskilling an additional 16,000 journeypersons with the best training available in the piping industry. We embrace this responsibility considering it ensures the opportunity for our members and employers alike while also playing a key role in Ontario’s economy and our collective preparedness to meet tomorrow’s workforce demands. We commend the provincial government’s efforts to provide substantial resources to advance this mandate.”

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For the second project, Ontario is funding $1.1 million to the Joint Training & Apprenticeship Committee Local 64 Training Center to provide a six-week program for 488 apprentices to enhance their qualities. Qualified workers will receive income support while full-time schooling and can also opt for additional financial aid like living allowance, commuting allowance, and dependent care.

The Most Expensive Plumbing Pipes

You do not realize the importance of a plumbing pipe until you have a reason to change them. You need to decide between several types of pipes and decide which ones are the most cost-effective.

Listed below are some types of pipes and their costs.

Copper Pipe

Copper pipes are said to be the best in the business, they last long and are strong against bacteria and high temperatures. Additionally, they may do well to increase the value of your home. However, it is rather costly and may corrode after a period.

Cost: $2-8/linear foot


This affordable type of pipe is made to stand high temperatures and last you a substantial amount of time before needing to be changed. It has thick walls and can be used for many different projects. The only downside is that it needs to be fitted properly otherwise, it will prove to be troublesome.

Cost: $0.50-1/linear foot

PEX Pipe

This durable piping has been around for a long time. It is cheaper than copper pipes and perfect for floor heating. Another benefit is that the life span of this pipe material is 80-100 years, competing with copper pipes. The few disadvantages of this type are that they need particular tools to install and have a possibility of bursting, as it gets older.

Cost: $0.40-2/linear foot

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Another strong pipe is coated with a layer of zinc, which, if thick enough, proves to make the pipes very durable and strong. These pipes can also withstand high pressures, which is a huge plus point. However, if the zinc coating wears off, the pipe may rust and lead to rust particles in the water.

Cost: $8/linear foot

So there you have it, a clear acknowledgment of the fact that while copper pipes may be expensive, they are the best for the job. You can also get galvanized steel pipes for the same price, but why risk rusty water?

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