Netcut – protecting your network from unwanted intrusions

It is really easy today to share your home Internet connection with your neighbors and friends. All you should have is a router in which all computers and mobile devices can be connected by using cable or even wireless password secured. Of course, if you do it you must think about the network control so you can avoid many small issues that might happen if one of your LAN or WIFI user is aiming to abuse the bandwidth.

Netcut application can easily help you protect your Network from ARP spoofing and various undesired intrusions. Netcut can monitor and control LAN activity and displays the MAC addresses and details of all devices connected to it. It is easy to block service to any other users, modify MAC addresses, change the network adapter configurations, and more with Netcut.

Netcut is also a great tool which cans cut-off a user’s internet connection when both are in the same local area network. This tool is user friendly and can also be used by everyone. Just run the program and it will identify all the devices connected in the same LAN. You can then choose any targeted devices from the list by clicking the “Cut off” button, and within a few seconds the devices will lose connection to the internet. The affected devices users will never know what’s happened even though they have a firewall program installed on their devices.

Netcut is an important program for network administrators, and it provides an extra layer of security to combat ARP spoofing and the unwanted things that can occur. Netcut is free, so you can test this tool in your local area network to find out whether it works for you or not.

With simple and fast installation, configuration, and usage, such a tool performs various tasks without any qualification about network administration knowledge. All kinds of networks such as home or offices LAN, school LAN, and public hotspot can also use this helpful tool with free downloading and this tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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