NESTA and Spencer Institute Offer Solution for Fitness Professionals and Coaches Following COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus has brought a significant impact on everyone, from businesses to schools to even the local gym. With many gyms shutting down in many countries, what are personal trainers doing to ensure their clients are staying on track with their physical fitness?

Many individuals that spend a lot of time in the gym, it is a truly big bummer being forced to take a month or two off, but it is not like you will lose everything, you still have another solution so you can keep in touch with your clients in this hard situation.

Personal trainers and Fitness centers are being required to get resourceful in helping their clients stay fit and active. They can make home workouts, online group fitness classes and more.
Since many trainers are restricted with their ability to work, generate income, and support their clients in this hard situation, this is a best time to start enriching their knowledge, skillsets, abilities and education.

Taking advantage of outages with professional education and personal development allows you to enhance your skills in training your clients. You will find an online course that you can take to enhance your skills in training your clients online. With any certification purchase from NESTA or Spencer Institute, customers will receive the complete Online Coach Training System for free. This certification program will give you a good understanding in maintaining and keeping in touch with your clients even in the hard situation.

You will be more creative. You will find some initiatives you can take from online classes to marketing campaigns to stay involved with clients and continue to get more potential clients even if your clients are unable to meet with you face-to-face.

Coronavirus might have shut down our doors, but this doesn’t mean your business must close as well. With the help of our fellow fitness businesses, they have compiled various ways to keep your members connected and revenue coming in.

NESTA is giving away the entire Home Gym Profit Center for free to help get trainers and coaches set up training clients at their home. NESTA is working quickly in response to this pandemic. NESTA come with experts that have been tasked to develop content to support fitness professionals and personal trainers during this pandemic.

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