Making your blogposts go viral

You’re writing blog content, but why aren’t your posts going viral? Who doesn’t want their content just spreading like a wildfire?See, the thing with blog posts and virality. It’s all about emotions.

Anything goes viral; it really is all about emotions. For example, people are either sad, they’re happy, they’re furious. If you can evoke these emotions in people, you’re much more likely to have content go viral. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, because if you don’t have any emotions in your content there’s very little chance that your content is going to go viral, right?

But now that you have content that has emotion, the first thing you need to do is fuel the fire.

If you get a million visitors to a blog post that can easily be worth a few hundred thousand dollars in ads spent.A million visitors could be worth 100, 200 grand in ads spent. So it’s worth fueling the fire.

By boosting a post on Facebook, you can start fueling the fire. By driving more traffic using StumbleUpon paid ads, again, you can fuel the fire.

If you want to pay for some traffic from Twitter, again, you can fuel the fire.  You get the point. Drive some traffic with some paid ads. It helps spur things and get things going.

The second thing you want to do is go check out Go put in keywords related to your space. You’ll see what’s already gone viral.

Why try to recreate the wheel?

 If you already know what people love within your space, why wouldn’t you try to create more of that?

And what I like doing is I like going and taking the top related posts that went viral in the last 12 months, because you can do that on Buzzsumo and then I try to create better versions of them.

So if they talked about 10 ways to drive more traffic to your website, I’ll go write a post that’s 101 ways to drive more traffic to your blog or to your Website or whatever it is.

And when you’re writing your content, it’s not just about the content. It’s also about your page. How’s it laid out? How does it look? Is your design pretty or is it ugly?

If it’s ugly, do you think people really want to keep looking’ at it? No, but if it looks beautiful, people are going to be like, yeah, I must check this out. This is amazing, it’s sexy. That’s why on my site Quicksprout, you’ll see a lot of my advanced guides have really beautiful designs. I do that on purpose. It’s because beautiful designs are much more likely to go viral.

And the third tip I have for you is that it’s a numbers game. You can’t really predict what’s going to go viral or not. If you could, you would be rich.You wouldn’t even have to read this article.And if I could, I wouldn’t be out here telling people how to go viral each and every single day because if I could just continually create hit after hit, I would be like, I would make more money just creating the viral content than doing anything else in my life. But that’s not the reality.

On average, I’m creating a viral blog post once every two weeks and it’s a numbers game. I’m releasing more than one blog post a day. Believe it. If I have to do it in quantity and people like BuzzFeed have to do it in quantity that means everyone has to do it in quantity? And if you follow those three things, you’re going to start producing viral content.

If I can do it, and I’m terrible at writing and I don’t have the best Grammar and spelling that means you can do it, too.




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