Implementing an office redesign to Boost Employment motivation

Whether it’s by offering food perks, implementing an office redesign or adopting collaborative workspaces, there are several ways to boost employee motivation in the workplace. First, it’s important that companies recognize the workplace is more than cubicles and desks. Instead, it should be viewed as an environment in which workers come to thrive or even as a powerful tool capable of strengthening teams and the brand as a whole. Creating an environment such as this doesn’t happen overnight: It takes time to research what is best for the specific workplace dynamic and to incorporate the right changes.

Another part of creating a welcoming atmosphere is comfortable seating and healthy snacks or meal options. Employers might consider taking advantage of engagement programs featuring custom in-office meal solutions to help build a more positive company culture and make lunchtime a supportive experience. Doing so not only helps with motivation, but also encourages healthy immune systems and, potentially, fewer sick days.

A well-designed workplace can lead to numerous benefits for employees, customers and a company’s bottom line. While implementing changes such as these can’t completely prevent talent from leaving, it could help to reduce turnover rates over time.

For further pointers on redesigning the workplace, please see the accompanying resource.


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