HR And ER Technologies That Can Improve Your Company’s Connections Among Its Employees

Hybrid workplaces have become the norm since the pandemic. Many employees got a taste of the remote workplace model. Employers have realized that, while sending everyone on a telecommuting mission was an uncertain endeavor at the time, many employees are now ready to delve deeper into this work paradigm.

More companies are asking their HR departments to identify the best employee relations (ER) strategies and human resource technologies to create more robust communication and stronger connections among organizations and their workers.

Some of the current strategies and technologies include:

Keeping Employees Involved at the Personal Level

Your goal for employee engagement might focus primarily on productivity and profits, but it’s crucial to remember the human aspect of the equation. It may take employees a while to adjust to the feelings of isolation that sometimes accompany remote work, but the vast, available online capabilities can still facilitate a sense of community.

Using fundamental digital tools such as email, social media, intranet and productivity apps, you can effectively engage employees who are working in-house and remotely in the following ways:

  • Ask employees and management to share photos of their workspace.
  • Provide brief, daily video calls each morning for everyone to greet each other at the start of the day.
  • Recommend starting special-interest groups among employees for areas such as parenting, gardening or artistic pursuits.

Promoting Growth and Leadership Opportunities

Employees might worry that they aren’t eligible to grow with your organization if they aren’t working on-site. Fortunately, you can offer various types of skills training and knowledge seminars through your digital workplace. Use tools such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Experience Platforms (LEP) and video solutions to learn about:

  • Project management
  • Technical skills
  • Virtual leadership

Relying on a Dynamic, Digital, ER-Focused Management Tool

Today’s HR teams are managing a varied workplace model and can’t afford to rely on old models that worked effectively in-house. When working with teams that are based in your office, at home and at the local coffee shop, it’s crucial to find digital tools that can help you document and manage ER issues. With the right software solution, you can achieve consistency, mitigate risk and improve outcomes.

Additional benefits of ER management tools include:

  • Stability: Employees feel a sense of grounding when working within a designated platform, which helps them feel supported and included in daily operations.
  • Lower Attrition: HR and ER teams can help reduce turnover rates and enhance the employee experience, daily and long-term.
  • Efficiency: ER teams can enjoy the efficiency of working within a centralized system where data is easily accessible.

Using these HR and ER technologies and strategies, you should find a considerable boost in efficiencies and company-wide morale, regardless of your workplace model.

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