Hosting your WordPress site on Cloud Server

WordPress websites need regular attention and care, particularly when the wordpress site has a huge number of visitors. Managing WordPress site includes maximizing WordPress for Efficiency, Security, Speed, Scalability, Fault Tolerance and Failure Recovery. Site owners need to ensure that their WordPress sites are always accessible to visitors and no downtime. In this situation, WordPress cloud hosting can be the right solution for any site owners.

WordPress Cloud Hosting offers some features shared hosting can’t. One of them is instant scalability. It is a sites ability to deal with unexpected surges in site traffic without slowing down or crashing. This can be done via clusters of servers which are connected directly to a cloud network.

Why is this important for WordPress users?

WordPress is continuing to grow to be the most favorite CMS platform today. A big Site like is powered by WordPress and requires the capability to support huge amounts of site traffic. Along with the capabilities of cloud hosting through scalability, cloud hosting provide apps you will never find on shared hosting plans. The most widely used app is CDN or “content delivery network”. When you host your wordpress on cloud server you can install a CDN to host all images and attachments independently so your website loads faster. It is a fact – slow and lag sites will lose visitors and the faster you maintain your site the better you will be. Although not too pricey for some, other are used to shared hosting prices so switching the hosting might seem expensive. WordPress Cloud hosting is a great solution for those seeking scalability, high power, intelligent programs and exclusive apps.

Cloudjiffy offers Cloud hosting advantages when it comes to accessibility, uptime, and scalability. Benefits like these are particularly suitable with regularly used website platforms such as WordPress.

Cloudjiffy WordPress Cloud hosting gives users the capability to scale up where and when they need to. This is known as dynamic scaling, as it can be modified based on the needs of the site for the time period required – for instance, you may possibly anticipate larger traffic to your website over a weekend or holidays when you are managing a sales promotion on your online store, and would only require your cloud server to be scaled up to deal with larger traffic in this period. Almost all WordPress sites can be scaled up into the Cloud, which only needs extra CPU or RAM rather than adding more hardware.

Another benefit given by Cloudjiffy cloud hosting is that it never uses a single server, distributing itself out over several servers. In such cases, when one server stops working, your site will never be affected since it would have the data stored on another, giving your website continuous uptime accessibility.

Managed wordpress cloud hosting

You can also choose Managed WordPress Hosting. This is when you delegate the management of your WordPress site to your hosting provider. It might be known as a special package of web hosting that might have been optimized for WordPress or exclusive tools that can boost the overall WordPress performance.

In general, Cloudjiffy cloud hosting environment enables site owners to improve the performance of their sites at an affordable cost. The process of moving over from a conventional server to the cloud might frighten some, but with the proper managed service provider, it would be quite painless. The best hosting solution will be able to examine your needs and help advice the best solutions for your WordPress website. After you pick the right hosting plan for your WordPress sites, it would not take longer than 24 hours for you to be migrated and activated on cloudjiffy. It really is that simple!

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