Hong Kong as a Business Destination

An increasing number of individual, small, and large businesses are making a decision to incorporate in Hong Kong. This country offers a decent infrastructure, with a pro-talent and pro-business tradition which is shown in the country’s regulatory environment, immigration policies, and the welcoming people. Additionally, their authorities have guaranteed policies pertaining to laws, taxation, and regulations that improve the progress of commerce and regulations in their country.

Hong Kong has been persistently leading the list in the Doing Business Report released by the World Bank on a yearly basis. The main reason for this is the business-friendly policies implemented in the country like low export and import costs, well-implemented laws for protecting their investors, and labor polices that give preference to employers.

As among the growing economies in Asia, Hong Kong is a desired destination for business or companies incorporation for many business owners. Known as South East Asia’s investment hub and key financial services, Hong Kong is positioned to be one of the largest international financial centres in Asia, and is competing with Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai.

Hong Kong is selected as a home base by a large number of companies running business in Asia. You will find many European and U.S. multinational companies using this country as an entrance to China, and in the same way many mainland China entrepreneurs are using Hong Kong holding companies for real-estate deals.

The procedures of company registration in Hong Kong are really simple. Your personal presence in this country is usually not required. Additionally, your company will reap more benefits from a well-established legal system. There is no exchange controls and the tax rate is also low.

Foreign business owners who have companies that don’t run business operations in this country may also enjoy their offshore profits. Such choices can be achieved when using local offices as their main registered address.

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