Hikvision Fever Screening Cameras – Minimizing the spread of Coronavirus

With many countries are affected in the spread of coronavirus, health authorities need to look for the most effective means of detection, like the infrared thermometers that have been used in many countries today. And now many countries also use security cameras with thermal imaging and digital vision technology to detect those who get fever possibly in connection with the virus.

Whether SARS, Ebola, or even coronavirus: nobody wants to consider the effects of an epidemic or pandemic. That is why it is in the attention of public health to detect risky individuals in large groups earlier. The operators of heavily visited places such as shopping malls, airports, or even large stadiums must carry a responsibility for virus prevention.

Compared with the thermometers that work a single person at close range, Hikvision Thermal Fever Detection might be better for scanning huge numbers of individuals in crowded places like grocery stores, airports, hospitals, and crowded places.

Camera with thermal imaging can be the perfect system for detecting and scanning not just single person, but also large group of people. To get this done, the temperature at the body is measured, and the alarm will ring automatically when it detects. This makes it possible for individuals with higher body temperature to be easily and quickly identified, and to be isolated or quarantined for more accurate testing.

The system works by using Artificial Intelligence to keep track of numerous cameras at the same time, and instantly sends a forewarning to security staff when it detects an individual with a fever. It can perform 1,000 temperatures scanning within an hour. This is actually faster when compared with the system being used in airports like handheld temperature readers.

Bacterial infections such as the Covid-19 that spread through close contact and airborne transmission create a really serious health condition, and have become the most recent flu outbreaks. The World Health Organization (WHO) was initially alerted to the Covid-19 on the 31st of December 2019.
Reducing the spread of Coronavirus infections

The Hikvision Thermal Imaging Camera can effectively detect higher body temperatures that might signify the presence of a fever, one of a symptom of the Coronavirus. The Hikvision Thermal imaging solution as an effective diagnostic tool helps to scan large group of people with a potential fever and can minimize the spread of the Coronavirus through detection of infected persons showing fever symptoms. The Hikvision thermal imaging camera can be used to detect high-risk groups such as students, travellers, miners, office and factory workers.

The Hikvision camera can reveal skin temperatures in real-time, and because of its high sensitivity, it can show temperature variations a small as 0.07 degree Celsius. The built-in features of the Hikvision thermal imaging cameras include visible light image and thermal image with temperature scales, and can alert assigned personnel and it can also be adjusted to go off if a specific temperature threshold is surpassed. Such features allow an operator to immediately decide if the detected individuals need medical care or not. The total scanning period will take less than a minute which makes it effective for censoring large groups of people.

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