Free Tools To Help With Personal Productivity

Most would agree that working from home requires more discipline and motivation than working in an office. When you are working from home, there’s no boss looking over your shoulder. Therefore, there are many things that can distract you. If you’re pulled away from your work too often, it’s impossible to be productive.Fortunately, since motivation and production are such important parts of working from home, there are many free tools for personal productivity that can be found online.

Here are some of those tools:

Online Calendars
Free online calendars can be found at many places online including Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Pages for MAC, and more. Many people who work from home find that calendars keep them organized and on top of important tasks, conference calls, appointments, etc.

For some people, such as article writers, the amount of time spent on any one task is important. Spending too much time on any one task can take away too much time from another job, resulting in an unbalanced day and fewer profits.

Therefore, some at-home-workers choose to schedule their time via timers. For example, if they want to spend only a half hour writing each of the articles that they have planned for the day, they set their timer for half hour increments.

A free timer can be found on your smartphone. But you can also find them online at sites such as,, and more.

Grammar Sites
Many people who work from home are responsible for editing their own articles and other papers. Editing takes time, and time is sorely needed for those who work at home. Therefore, free online grammar sites are an excellent way to get an article or other piece checked quickly and efficiently.

Tcolaboration toolswo popular free online grammar sites are and

Collaboration Tools
Sending things through physical mail takes time that many people no longer have. However, emails also take time, and these days people are looking for quick solutions to common problems for the working professional.

Collaboration tools allow two or more persons to collaborate on a document without having to rely on physical mail or even email. These tools enable people to work together remotely, without having to see each other. They offer a real-time solution for getting things done.

Two of the most popular tools for collaboration are Dropbox and Google banking

Online Banking
In the 21st century, banking online has become a must for the work-at-home professional. Trips to the bank take time out of one’s schedule and are no longer necessary with online banking tools.

Two popular ways to bank online is with PayPal or the online banking system of your personal bank.

Being productive while working from home is easier now than before. Free tools for personal productivity are readily available in larger quantities because more people are working from home and making their living from home. Personal productivity has never been easier than in the 21st century with the new online world.

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