Eddie the Eagle Edwards – An inspiring after dinner speaker

Now a very popular after dinner speaker, Eddie the Eagle Edwards is one of the famous skiers in the world who is widely recognized for his failures as his successes. Eddie the Eagle Edwards was born in Cheltenham, England, and he was employed to be a plasterer and he became the only British candidate for the ski jumping competition of Winter Olympics in of 1988. Previously, He had represented United Kingdom at World Championships in 1987, but he failed and was ranked 55th in the world.

Eddie was impaired by his excess weight as he was more than 9 kg heavier than other competitor. He was completely self-funded due to his insufficiency of financial support for coaching and training. He finally finished last in some competition. Another issue was that he got some problems with his eyesight and he must wear his glasses all the time, despite the fact that when skiing in the competition they fogged to such an extent and sometime he could not see. He was also known to be scared of heights.

Nevertheless, his shortages of success inspire many people all around the world. The even worse he performed, the more famous he became. He eventually became a media celeb and made an appearance on many talk shows in many countries. And what made him success is that he held the British Ski Jumping Record (73.5m), The world record of stunt jumping – jumping over 6 buses and ten – and participated at the Winter Olympics in 1988 , in which he was the only and the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain .

An example of a mass media celebrity who is admired by the people for his failures and less than perfect performances, he has used that fame to make an amazing career as a TV presenter, he also became the runner of the Olympic Torch in 2010, show up in many advertisements, publish a book, record some songs and he also become a successful motivational speaker.

Eddie the Eagle Edwards speaker was also hired as a commentator for TV programs such as ITV’s ‘The Jump’ and he has participated in many TV shows starting from Sport Relief to the celebrity diving show. Eddie is also Patron of the charity for the Cancer patents and usually spends his spare time helping and supporting them wherever he can.

As a motivational and after dinner speaker, Eddie is great and enjoys his talks with his audiences – there have been tons of laughs and his audiences enjoyed his true story. Eddie is extremely fantastic and can contribute well to any events. Many people who met him got something inspiring and they praise for him.

he is a funny, inspirational and down to earth and that make his audiences easily engaged with.
He is brilliant with all people and can make their days really special. They want to have him back they want to run the bigger event next year and re-invite him to be their motivational speakers

Choosing after dinner speakers with a heart-warming, interesting, inspirational story to tell and combined with just the loads of humor to finish up, and Eddie can do that. He has become one of the popular choices when someone looking for an inspiring after dinner speaker and many of their audiences want talk to him after the events, and he is really happy to stay and chat with them.

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