Do you need a Job? Join LinkedIn

When it comes to discovering jobs, one of the best uses for social networking may be found on the site LinkedIn. LinkedIn utilizes the popular idea of “six degrees of separation” to make connecting with industry professionals a clear and simple endeavor. A user may create a profile and then establish connections with friends, schoolmates, acquaintances, and colleagues. Once an individual has started to create connections, secondary and tertiary connections become available depending on who knows whom.

However, LinkedIn is much more than a profile resume and connectivity between profiles. Employers have the opportunity to post job listings and vet candidates that are being considered for hire. Jobseekers can find industry specific groups and explore the connections they may have to various hiring managers, determining who may be able to make an introduction.

If an individual has a certain company in mind, he or she may follow that company and receive alerts when new jobs are posted. One can see who has been viewing whose profiles and how acquaintances move from job to job.

Being on LinkedIn puts your professional profile on a high level of visibility. In many ways this can harm as much as hurt your career aspirations if you don’t represent yourself at your best. It is important to present a recognizable and professional profile picture that conveys the appearance of a respectable coworker. Keep your public profile succinct and up to date. Show your creativity by making your professional headline, the one line description below your name, something descriptive and pithy.

In short, LinkedIn makes for a powerful tool whether you are job seeking or networking while employed. However, if you don’t give it the care and attention it is due, it may affect the way potential employers view your application.

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