Diagnoss Inc. Harnesses AI To Alleviate Administrative Fatigue In Healthcare

Berkeley, CA: Diagnoss Inc., an AI company in the healthcare space, has built an artificial intelligence engine that is capable of extracting operational value from raw doctors’ notes.

Abboud Chaballout, the man behind Diagnoss, is a serial entrepreneur driven by a passion for making healthcare more seamless for all stakeholders involved, including providers, payors, and patients.

About AI’s capacity in making an impact on healthcare, Abboud says – “I’m starting with medical coding, which is the foundational translation system that many doctors in the world rely on to communicate diagnoses and procedures to insurers and government.”

Diagnoss is all set to revolutionize the healthcare industry by becoming the first AI company to automate medical coding with real-time feedback to providers based on the notes they are inputting into their electronic health records system. This comes as a significant upgrade from the current scenario of medical coding in EHRs, which requires doctors to search and scroll through dozens of codes to pick what they believe is the most appropriate code.

The current medical coding process is outdated and complex, and ultimately poses an added administrative burden for medical providers on the frontlines. While most providers utilize the services of medical coders to finish the job, they are ultimately tasked with selecting the first round of codes themselves. Abboud believes that AI can step in and reduce wasted time resulting from such redundancies and inefficiencies.

As a domain expert who has built and grown companies that touched multiple points of the healthcare system, he has observed the insides of the healthcare industry for over a decade, and here is what he has to say –

“Making an impact in a specific industry doesn’t happen overnight. Our healthcare system’s problems are tough to resolve with just one app or one piece of technology. It takes navigating and exploring an industry from multiple angles to figure out where technology could genuinely make things better. “

Addressing all healthcare professionals, Abboud Chaballout says – “When it comes to coding, our healthcare providers end up doing a lot more than translating their work into diagnosis codes and procedure codes, they end up searching, scrolling, clicking in clunky EHRs in hopes of getting it right, often being left with no choice but to guess. As a result, I founded Diagnoss, which I hope will take providers back to the good days of medicine, where they were treating patients with minimal administrative burdens.“

He believes that many stressors embedded in the healthcare system can be ameliorated by artificial intelligence. The increasing regulatory hurdles and growing complexity in the reimbursement process is to be blamed for burnout amongst healthcare professionals. Abboud believes that AI can bear some of the burdens here.

By easing healthcare providers’ workload, Diagnoss aims to enhance the quality of care given to patients throughout the country.

He further adds, “Ultimately, I was interested in the concept of building something that contributes value to the world. As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to bring change to the lives of millions in a measurable, tangible, and nearly immediate manner, and that is what I want to achieve in healthcare.”

Get a free medical coding audit from Diagnoss to see if AI can help your organization.

Diagnoss Inc. is a team of data scientists, software engineers, and healthcare professionals who are tirelessly working towards freeing the healthcare providers from the mundane and cumbersome aspects of their work to give their best to the patients.


Abboud Chaballout                 
Diagnoss Inc.
Email: abboud@diagnoss.com

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