Creating a business card

The first step of creating business card examples is to choose the size for the business cards. Standard business cards are approximately three inches in width and two and a half inches in height. From there we select colors from a large color palette. Our colors are guaranteed to coordinate and mesh well with one another, while still drawing the eye and holding attention. Now it’s time to add some text! All of our business card examples are displayed with filler text, so you can get a rough idea of the finished product. Of course, the beauty of our business card examples is that they are simply examples. You are free to pick and choose what style, size and color of text you would like to use on our business card examples, and where you would like it placed!

Coordinating your business card examples

The best business cards are the ones created from business card examples and templates that are based around the color scheme, style and logo of all other company letterhead. This means that your business cards should carry the same look of your mailing labels, stickers, notepads, stationery, envelopes and whatever other custom paper products you may have!

Designing business card examples for the times

Today’s business cards and business card examples are certainly not like their forefathers of yester year! Gone are the plain white business card examples with simple serif fonts imprinted with some slight embossing. Compared to today’s standard of business card examples, those business cards are boring! Today’s business card examples feature all sorts of cards with varying styles and colors. Go bold with a deep, seductive purple, offset by plain white text. Or choose a custom image, be it a photo or an illustration, and allow it to dominate your business card examples while showing exactly what your business is all about! Perhaps you’re looking for some fancy styling to dress up the plain backgrounds of certain business card examples. That’s fine, too! Choose from styles that include embellishments, raised prints, foils and more! Go bold, italic or underline – or all three! Shy away from the classic black and go for purple, or even orange. Remember, these business card examples are purely examples, which means you’re free to pick and choose the styles and selections that please you, and do away with the ones that don’t.

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