Cork rolls and Sheets

Ordinarily cork rolls and sheets have been utilized as wall and floor covering in music recording studios and theaters due to the outstanding sound absorbing features of cork. Cork rolls can also be used in hospitals in which they work as a sound dampener in halls and corridors. The other advantage of cork rolls in medical center is that it works as a soft shock absorber for the legs and feet of doctors and nurses that have to stand for a long time throughout their work hours.

Today architects builders are going back to cork rolls as a material for building interiors. Aesthetic designs utilizing tiles and planks are noticeable in the lobbies and foyers of new buildings. In any states in USA, cork board has been utilized as flooring in many building. Cork blended with cement has been utilized as a flooring material for a long time. Cork boards are now being suggested by doctors for proper use in kid’s playgrounds. Cork Board doesn’t produce any chemical impurities after it is installed on the walls. It also doesn’t emit any tiny fibers that might contaminate the environment. Corkboard is hypo allergic and can be the ideal material for rooms occupied by kids that have allergic reactions. It is the perfect flooring for any houses due to its shock absorbing nature and also anti skid qualities.

It also can be installed in machine rooms to lower shocks and the decks of ships and yachts to prevent slipping. The anti static qualities of Cork Rolls make it a fantastic flooring material for any workshops in which sparks can result in fire. Interior designers really like this comfortable material that they are using combined with other eco friendly raw materials. Cork rolls are as long lasting as the cork oak tree that can last for hundreds of years. No wonder it is currently being seen again as a structure material for the future.

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