An App For Workplace Communications

Bad communication has become the most annoying reports in numerous businesses. Workers might truly feel they are dealing with too much when other people no longer pull their weight. It might be difficult to get projects completed because of differences in focal points and also scheduling. Work environment communication apps will help with minimizing such issues. You will find a lot more benefits than you might realise. (more…)

Time Lost To Technology Issues: Improving Productivity In The Office

Everyone knows the business axiom, “time is money.” Its corollary might be, “wasting time is wasting money,” and the fact is that plenty of time gets wasted at work. Recent research reveals that cell phone usage is the number one reason for wasting time at the office, followed by gossip and using the Internet. However, another cause of wasted time at work has nothing to do with social media or texting — it’s due to IT-related issues. (more…)