Business Shames – Serious Business Issues To Think About

It would be a wonderful business world if these ‘business shames’ and issues could be improved
1. Due to greed, self serving power struggles or incompetence, doing things that hurt customers, clients, employees, the business organization or the environment
2. Corporate ‘Mission Statements’ not being upheld or not being truly followed by everyday examples
3. Misleading or lying to customers or clients, employees or the marketplace
4. Not growing a business’s capabilities to stay competitive in the marketplace and to stay a viable business
5. Lack of communications to customers and clients, employees and the marketplace
6. Internal business politics hurting the business, clients and customers, fellow staff and employees
7. Lack of quality improvement even if known to be needed
8. Lack of internal improvements for decreasing wastes of all types and decreasing costs
9. Lack of creativity, out of the box thinking, and innovation
10. Not recruiting and hiring the highest skilled and knowledgeable individuals to help contribute to grow the business. Instead, viewing many individuals as ‘over-qualified’.

Often, businesses are fearful of individuals with extensive knowledge, experience and skills because the employer will not be considerate to them or respectful and the employer intends to only pay low wages. The employer is fearful of the employees leaving them for better jobs so they just hire individuals with low level skills, knowledge and experience that are used to low wages and content on staying at a low level. Employers with these attitudes have a high desire to be able to control and rule their employees and do not care if the employees can contribute to their business growth like others could.

11. The Rule of 10

On a skill level of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest in level of skills and knowledge: Individuals have a tendency to hire those at lower level of skills and knowledge than themselves to protect their own ego, protect their own jobs, out of personal ignorance and their own lack of skills and knowledge.
10’s hirer 9’s, 9’s hirer 8’s, 8’s hirer 7’s, 7’s hirer 6’s, 6’s hirer 5’s and so on downward.

If at some time the business organization have highly skilled individuals at higher levels, when they retire, get laid off, or leave for some other reason, often those at lower levels of skills and knowledge may be promoted upward creating a downward spin of skills and knowledge that contributes to a business decline.

12. Senior management and executive level rarely participating in continual education and training to keep on the front edge of knowledge, skills, expertise and challenging issues. This often happens due to their own false egos of thinking they know all and possibly their fear of attending training and education may show their actual lack of knowledge and skills.

13. Even when business organizations have educational and training funds for employees, employees do not take advantage of such unless they get paid time off from their normal job to attend. When employees want to attend training and more education to improve themselves and hopefully help them contribute to the business organization.

14. Lack of effective and meaningful employee incentive programs to contribute to the growth of the business organization with fresh new ideas, creativity, and possible observations for improvement

Employees not willing to put out extra effort to help improve the business organization and volunteer fresh new ideas for improvements unless there is a significant incentive program for such
Feel free to think about those ‘business shames’ that can be added.

Some possible ideas on how to improve these worldwide ‘business shames’

1. Considerable PR public relations on these issues, internally and externally by the business organizations, professional organizations and the countries’ government, to encourage improvements.

2. Aggressive incentive programs along with training programs within business organizations to improve these issues

3. Incorporate these issues in all educational and training programs, internally and externally
It would be a wonderful business world if these issues and ‘business shames’ could be improved.

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