How an integrated billing platform API can improve the customer experience

When considering the ways in which billing automation improves both organizational and customer experience, receivables and collection of payment must be discussed. Sending out invoices will only bear fruit if the recipient pays promptly. Many companies miss their expectations because charges don’t go through or customers overlook their bills.

Very often, businesses can resolve these situations quickly. For instance, buyers may neglect credit card updates or overlook bills in busy inboxes. (more…)

Improve Meeting Management With AI

As more and more businesses continue to support remote work, the need for more efficient meetings remains. While it’s true that meetings can still be held in-office, many organizations are understanding of the convenience that Zoom meetings can provide, especially for organization-wide meetings with spread out office locations. Meeting management is important, as ineffective meetings are one of the largest contributors to wasted time and resources in every organization. (more…)

Seeing Is Believing? Augmented Reality Technologies’ Influence On Product Promotion

Customers see hundreds — or thousands — of advertisements daily. From links on social media and websites to television commercials and physical billboards, it’s impossible to escape the sheer volume and variety of ads.

The solution? Consumers simply start ignoring them. They scroll past the text-heavy ad they’ve seen a million times or close the window that’s playing another video ad. For marketing departments, the result may be a large amount of advertising effort that doesn’t deliver ROI.

Augmented reality (AR) can help. Here’s how the right AR approach can positively influence product promotion and drive increased customer engagement. (more…)

Low or No Maintenance Industrial Machinery

When considering the ways in which manufacturers can ensure their equipment remains in the best condition possible, there are a few different maintenance strategies they follow. Reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance are a few of those strategies. Most manufacturers will draw upon some combination of these methods, although each strategy is not created equally. An approach that relies heavily upon reactive maintenance, for instance, will prove extremely costly in the long run, as equipment downtime will accumulate, repair costs will balloon, and equipment lifespan will be severely curtailed. Predictive maintenance is the most effective way to achieve optimal maintenance, drawing upon data and analytics to identify the exact right time that maintenance is needed — no earlier, and no later. Today’s technology makes predictive maintenance more accessible than ever, and the power of this maintenance approach will only continue to grow as data analysis becomes even more effective. To learn more about the different types of maintenance approaches and how they can impact your organization’s output, please read on to the resource coupled alongside this post.

Low Or No Maintenance Industrial Machinery provided by FLEXIM, the premier leader in gas flow measurement devices


Supply Chain Shortages and Its Impact on Manufacturing

While the supply chain and its fluctuations are often something that manufacturers can only speculate, their equipment health is something they can directly control. As equipment functionality is critical to all operations, it’s important to recognize that when a supply chain is teetering, the risk of a system failing makes it even more challenging to operate efficiently. That is why it is critical for organizations to prioritize inspection, maintenance, and modernization services for many of their in-house systems. That includes implementing a comprehensive plan for addressing all equipment functionality on a consistent basis, including load testing for cranes, operational efficiency of hoists, and so on. Every component needs to be ready to work effectively and at its most efficient ability. This is no easy task, despite it being entirely in the hands of the operating company. So, to be better guided on the ways in which your organization can keep equipment operating potently throughout supply chain issues, take a moment to review the resource coupled alongside this post.

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

Provided by American Equipment, a reliable service partner for all your crane service needs, such as load testing.

The Importance of Self Awareness in Leadership and Tech

When Daphne (not her real name) came to me with her business idea she had great projections and ideas of the ideal team structure.

But in our session of leadership coaching in London I asked her why she was doing this. She talked about profit and success and that was great but these were clearly motivations handed down to her from society, and didn’t come from her internally. When I asked, repeatedly, what would success in this business do for her, her rehearsed polished answers soon floundered and it became very clear that she didn’t actually know what were her internal motivations were. (more…)