5 Tips to Protect WordPress Blog

Blogging is a job where you have to spend quite a lot of time to earn a few bucks, if you are aiming to earn thousands of dollars monthly then you need to completely dedicate yourself to this profession. Blogging is turning out to be a great field of profession for youngsters, perhaps because you don’t have to get up early, find your keys, stuck in traffic jams, listen to your boss etc.

There are thousands of professional bloggers in the webosphere and all of them are their own boss, they neither work under anyone, nor do they have the risk of being fired. Starting is always the difficult in Blogging but once you find a grip, you will surely be able to earn hundreds of dollars on daily basis.

Security too is something where you should focus upon because if your site won’t be secured then anyone can come and take it down, thereby destroying your years of hard work.

Don’t worry because we have compiled the list of Top 5 Security Tips to Protect WP Blog.

Moving wp_config File

The wp_config file is the most important file on a blog and it should be held really responsibly. It’s the wp_config file only which holds the crucial data like your site’s database username and password, so once anyone finds it, he/she can easily login to your site’s database and make heavy changes; so move your blog’s wp_config file as soon as possible.

Updating Plugins

Many people install WP plugins on their blogs, but most of them forget to keep them updating and later find their blog defaced. Updating plugins is necessary because big and small vulnerabilities are patched in those updates.


Hosting too matters a lot in security. If your site is hosted on a vulnerable server then anyone can easily access it by just cracking one site on the same server on which your site is hosted. Try getting your blog a secured hosting. Hostgator is a good choice.

Backup Everything

Most important thing is to backup your whole site’s database, so if you find anything suspicious floating in your site’s database then you can easily restore your site. Backing up your site is the first thing which you should do.

Avoid Piracy

Avoiding piracy can help you a lot. I know pirated things are free, generally, but they can lead to catastrophe for your blog. Some pirated themes are available on web, they are free but all of them have backdoors in them. So if you will install those themes then crackers can easily use that backdoor to make an entry.

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