5 Business Apps For Ease and Effeciency

The pace of business in the modern era is dictated by the speed of technology. Increased connectivity and emerging fields create demands for new innovations to meet the needs of professionals. With the mobile revolution marching onward, smartphone applications are more than just games and tools. Apps are compartmentalized functions. And if keeping your business or job functional is of importance to you, then make sure you have the right apps for the job.

The following are five apps that will evolve the way you work:

1. iThoughts HD

The technique of mind mapping is used by creative professionals who are tasked daily with generating new ideas for old problems. Whether one works in marketing, management, or sales, the ability to visually outline information to find connections and conclusions is an important skill. iThoughts HD is an app that serves this very function, using high-definition graphics to create maps for the mind.

2. iWork

It is well known that Apple and Microsoft offer their own competitive programs. Apple has Pages, Keynote, and Numbers while Microsoft sports Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. iWork is a group of apps that synchronize these programs across platforms. Boost productivity by enabling yourself to work from anywhere and access all documents at all times.

3. SignEasy

Whether you wish to save paper or time, using an app to sign documents is the way to go. The SignEasy app allows individual users to legally sign any document format, including multiple signers, text, initials, and stamps.

4. Concur

Managing travel and expenses are often part of many jobs. The Concur app facilitates booking travel, handling itineraries, and tracking expenses with card charges and photograph receipts. The app can generate expense reports and even manage cost savings.

5. Office Drop

Sometimes it would be nice to have a search function when presented with a large stack of documents. With the app Office Drop, it becomes possible to scan any document into your phone and turn it into a PDF with a text search utility. This not only makes it easier to pinpoint data from large quantities of text but also to keep loose paper documents on file.

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