Gutenberg Meets AI: Ascender AI LLC Brings Out ‘Bubbles’ for Information Exploration

Founded in 2019 by Braddock Gaskill, a visionary research scientist, Ascender AI LLC has the potential to make waves with its radical user-interface and game-changing search engine.

In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and redefined how we interact with information. Today we browse the world through our printing press simulator – the modern web browser – in a way that would be recognizable to scholars reading books and pamphlets four hundred years ago. (more…)

Diagnoss Inc. Harnesses AI To Alleviate Administrative Fatigue In Healthcare

Berkeley, CA: Diagnoss Inc., an AI company in the healthcare space, has built an artificial intelligence engine that is capable of extracting operational value from raw doctors’ notes.

Abboud Chaballout, the man behind Diagnoss, is a serial entrepreneur driven by a passion for making healthcare more seamless for all stakeholders involved, including providers, payors, and patients. (more…)

Don’t Settle: Choose wisely when selecting a cross-border wealth management firm

Your whole life you have done things correctly: worked hard, saved and prudently invested your money. Then one day, out of the blue, you receive a letter from your U.S. investment management firm saying they no longer want to work with you because you reside outside of the U.S. Worse yet, they give you 90 days to transfer out your account or risk having your holdings liquidated. Whether it is a taxable or tax-deferred investment account, a forced liquidation and closure of your account can have severe tax consequences. (more…)

Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine – A Must for the Holiday Season

A heat shrink wrapping machine is useful for any seasons. It is difficult to deny that the machines become essential during the holiday season because their need becomes noticeable. Many people view these machines as large equipment, and don’t understand their advantages for the business.

Heat shrink wrapping machine is not designed for big manufacturing companies only but for any individual who would like to pack or even wrap items on a frequent basis. Christmas is a season when almost all stores are under pressure to wrap items, goods, and also foods. Therefore, buying a machine for the season is very useful investment. (more…)

How Do Accounting Services Help Your Business?

Whether your company is small or big it doesn’t matter, but keeping up with the books of accounts is quite crucial. Regardless of the revenues of the company, by using accounting services taking care of the day-to-day accounts become less complicated. Some businesses might not give due crucial to this department, however the time will come when it becomes really necessary to hire accounting services and handle the financial tasks. An incompetent employee might not be able to handle the complicated task of taking care of the accounts and also balance sheets along with a minor mistake can impact the audits terribly. When this occurs experienced professionals, who are experts in the area of accounting, become essential for the company. Now, they can be hired! (more…)

Marketing Your Business For Sale

Selling your business can be an difficult and also challenging task; it is time-consuming, nerve-racking and quite often emotionally draining. Normally the sale can control the owners feelings and resources during this time which is easy for an proprietor to take their eye of the ball. The important thing to a profitable sale is preparation and planning. Proprietors must create an exit strategy to their preliminary business plans, and this technique must include details on how the business are going to be marketed and advertised when the time has come to be sold. (more…)