Has The Internet Made You Smarter?

With information being more easily accessible than ever because of the internet, a question you may be asking yourself is, “has the internet made you smarter?” Many scholars have argued over if the internet has made us smarter or dumber, and there really is no clear definitive answer. In some ways it has made us dumber, and in others it has made us smarter. There are also ways of avoiding the internet if you believe it has taken over your life. (more…)

5 Business Apps For Ease and Effeciency

The pace of business in the modern era is dictated by the speed of technology. Increased connectivity and emerging fields create demands for new innovations to meet the needs of professionals. With the mobile revolution marching onward, smartphone applications are more than just games and tools. Apps are compartmentalized functions. And if keeping your business or job functional is of importance to you, then make sure you have the right apps for the job. (more…)

Instagram – Natural Evolution of Sharing

Gaining popularity on the heels of largely text-based social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram found early success based on the intriguingly blurred line between private and public accounts – celebrities and friends alike could share pictures that offered a close, and at times intimate view of their lives, with the lack of provided context offering a sense of detachment that allowed it to be deemed public viewing. (more…)

These tips can help you easily remember your passwords

We’ve all been there. That terrible moment when you are preparing to access a program, your email, or a bank account and we are stumped by our own ingenious. We think back to the moment when we first set that new and exciting password, convincing ourselves that there was no way a hacker or any other unsavory element could ever find their way around your new password. The problem with new and ingenious passwords is that we often find ourselves in a position where we don’t remember the password either. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid that circumstance. (more…)