Netcut – protecting your network from unwanted intrusions

It is really easy today to share your home Internet connection with your neighbors and friends. All you should have is a router in which all computers and mobile devices can be connected by using cable or even wireless password secured. Of course, if you do it you must think about the network control so you can avoid many small issues that might happen if one of your LAN or WIFI user is aiming to abuse the bandwidth. (more…)

What to consider when choosing an Android app developer

Many Businesses in Singapore have started using the service of mobile apps developers to create mobile applications which can help them to keep connected with their customers and boost their profit. Before you start searching for mobile app developers, it is best to have an plan about what type of of devices you want your mobile to be compatible with. You will likely want to focus on specific smartphone operating system such as Android or iPhone. (more…)

Things to consider when buying a phone for for kids

There are many reasons for equipping your children with a cell phone. What most concerned parents want is that by owning cell phone, kids {potentially can contact their parents every time they need to do so – it does not matter they must be picked up someplace or if they may need their parents’ help immediately. Particularly if your kid must travel long journey to school or even spends most of their fun time away from the house, cell phone can grant both parents and kids with a degree of security. (more…)

Investing Bitcoin When It Was Worth Almost Nothing

Over the last few years, Bitcoin has attracted an enormous amount of media, business and investor attention. And while trading began as far back as 2009, the price of a single coin has since skyrocketed. There are some Bitcoin evangelists promoting the currency as the ‘future of money’, capable of replacing or transforming the current banking system; others are buying Bitcoin as an investment, expecting an increase in value over time since there’s a limited number of coins that can ever be mined. (more…)

Has The Internet Made You Smarter?

With information being more easily accessible than ever because of the internet, a question you may be asking yourself is, “has the internet made you smarter?” Many scholars have argued over if the internet has made us smarter or dumber, and there really is no clear definitive answer. In some ways it has made us dumber, and in others it has made us smarter. There are also ways of avoiding the internet if you believe it has taken over your life. (more…)