New Year’s resolutions – Creating a Financial Plan

If you were to examine the lists of New Year’s resolutions that average people make you’d probably discover that “make a financial plan” shows up quite frequently.  Almost everyone wants to improve their financial status.  A lot of people want to have more money or be better managers of the money they do have.  Many want to achieve a financial goal, whether it’s buying a new house or a new car, or saving for a child’s education or a long planned trip.  A lot of people want to do more and better when it comes to money. (more…)

Bookkeeping service for small business

If you have a small business, it is very important that you hire a professional bookkeeper. Listed below are some reasons why you need to hire a bookkeeper for your company.

Reduce stress

When you use the service of bookkeeper, you don’t need to worry of wasting many hours looking to balance books of accounts. Also, a bookkeeper can track checks as well as other sales revenue, keep a record of receivables, balance the business checkbook, keep up with billing and any activities, make and maintain appropriate financial statements, and pay employees salaries. (more…)

Digital Product Sampling Statregy

For many years, brand promoters have used product sampling to show new products to the consumers and get their opinions. From department store to supermarket, product sampling is an powerful marketing funnel that offers consumers the chance to ‘try first before they buy’. Product sampling is very effective not only to bring about increased sales but, also more importantly, drive consumer loyalty. (more…)

Funding your business startup with Car title loans

Without enough funding, it is really hard to be successful when running and expanding a business. This is the most common problem that business owners have, triggering them to set their dreams on hold forever. Luckily, you may get a loan to start or continue your own business. Such loans can be an alternative source of startup capital. By getting funded by such loans, you will certainly get the cash you need faster when compared with a traditional bank loan. (more…)

Incorporate Your Company in Hong Kong

The intensifying levels of competition in the service sector along with the risks of unemployment have encouraged individuals to build their own businesses. While building a company must have extra effort than looking for a job, it has numerous positive aspects over being employed. Firstly, company formation gives you the flexibility to run it the way you want, and you can easily put your ideas into practice that you are excited about. But, when it comes to incorporate a company, there are some social, economic, and environmental aspects that one needs to assess. (more…)

Hong Kong as a Business Destination

An increasing number of individual, small, and large businesses are making a decision to incorporate in Hong Kong. This country offers a decent infrastructure, with a pro-talent and pro-business tradition which is shown in the country’s regulatory environment, immigration policies, and the welcoming people. Additionally, their authorities have guaranteed policies pertaining to laws, taxation, and regulations that improve the progress of commerce and regulations in their country. (more…)