How Image Recognition Works And How It Can Be Used By Retailers

As humans, our sense of sight is amazing! You can scan a crowd and pick out the face of someone you know. You can quickly grab a box of cereal you recognize at the store without having to think about it. You can spot your car in a crowded parking lot even though it may be the same basic shape and even the same color as other vehicles around it. Your eyes and brain work together to distinguish different objects all the time. (more…)

Maintaining Strong Vendor Relationships

As many business owners have come to understand, the most integral parts of their business operations often cause the most stress. Employees, customers and vendors often create a great deal of hassle for a business, but without them, the business would cease to exist. Unfortunately there is no secret to solving all of your businesses’ problems in the blink of an eye, but the featured infographic below could be a great start. No matter the status or size of your business, this resource should be able to provide you with important tips for establishing a lasting vendor base that provides your business with a competitive advantage. (more…)

Last Mile Delivery — It Has to Be Perfect

 Golf fans may know of the 1999 Open at Carnoustie. Jean Van de Velde — a French player not well-known in the U.S. — had played 71 marvelous holes of golf and stepped up to the final tee with a seemingly insurmountable 3-stroke lead. Sadly, Van de Velde fell apart and recorded a triple-bogey, resulting in a three-way playoff which he lost to Paul Lawrie.

The moral to the story is you can’t win a 72-hole golf tournament unless you’re at the top of your game for 72 holes. The same holds true for order fulfillment: If you do everything right but bungle the last mile of delivery, you’re going to lose. (more…)

Lessons Learned From Bankruptcy

Although you may realize that bankruptcy is he best option for you, it might be disheartening to consider the long lasting consequences you will need to encounter right after your own case is settled. Many people look back again on the bankruptcy as one thing they never ever need to do again, however a situation they realized from. After handling your debt in this manner, you will undoubtedly get wisdom which can help you down the road or perhaps help your family steer clear of the problems you have gone through. (more…)

Crafting The Most Optimized Amazon Product Listings

Online shopping, in tandem with recent pandemic restrictions throughout the world, has changed the way many people think about purchasing goods and services. The possibilities while shopping online seem to be endless. Online shoppers are able to compare products based on their unique features, their prices and even individual customer reviews from people all across the world before deciding which product or service is best for them. These sorts of capabilities have directly contributed to the growth of the online retailing industry. The growth rate is actually quite staggering. In 2019, nearly two billion people purchased some sort of good or service online. That same year, online sales attributed to goods or services accounted for more than $3.5 trillion spent around the world. (more…)

The Difference Between Preventive And Predictive Maintenance

Preventive and predictive maintenance are two fundamentally different approaches to keeping equipment in a manufacturing operation running properly.

Preventive maintenance (PM) is a well-established strategy based on the idea of performing maintenance on all equipment at regular time intervals. Intervals vary depending on run time, the age of the machine and other factors. At its core, PM is a calendar-driven system. (more…)