Maintaining Strong Vendor Relationships

As many business owners have come to understand, the most integral parts of their business operations often cause the most stress. Employees, customers and vendors often create a great deal of hassle for a business, but without them, the business would cease to exist. Unfortunately there is no secret to solving all of your businesses’ problems in the blink of an eye, but the featured infographic below could be a great start. No matter the status or size of your business, this resource should be able to provide you with important tips for establishing a lasting vendor base that provides your business with a competitive advantage. (more…)

Last Mile Delivery — It Has to Be Perfect

 Golf fans may know of the 1999 Open at Carnoustie. Jean Van de Velde — a French player not well-known in the U.S. — had played 71 marvelous holes of golf and stepped up to the final tee with a seemingly insurmountable 3-stroke lead. Sadly, Van de Velde fell apart and recorded a triple-bogey, resulting in a three-way playoff which he lost to Paul Lawrie.

The moral to the story is you can’t win a 72-hole golf tournament unless you’re at the top of your game for 72 holes. The same holds true for order fulfillment: If you do everything right but bungle the last mile of delivery, you’re going to lose. (more…)