Investing Bitcoin When It Was Worth Almost Nothing

Over the last few years, Bitcoin has attracted an enormous amount of media, business and investor attention. And while trading began as far back as 2009, the price of a single coin has since skyrocketed. There are some Bitcoin evangelists promoting the currency as the ‘future of money’, capable of replacing or transforming the current banking system; others are buying Bitcoin as an investment, expecting an increase in value over time since there’s a limited number of coins that can ever be mined. (more…)

5 Successful Social Media Campaign Examples From Leading Brands

Social media seems like everyone wants to find succession social media or go viral these days, but what does that even mean and how do you do it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. So what are we learning about today? Simply put, an effective social media campaign is one that promotes your product or service, builds brand awareness, and really creates a sense of community. (more…)

Making your blogposts go viral

You’re writing blog content, but why aren’t your posts going viral? Who doesn’t want their content just spreading like a wildfire?See, the thing with blog posts and virality. It’s all about emotions.

Anything goes viral; it really is all about emotions. For example, people are either sad, they’re happy, they’re furious. If you can evoke these emotions in people, you’re much more likely to have content go viral. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, because if you don’t have any emotions in your content there’s very little chance that your content is going to go viral, right? (more…)