Business card examples for a particular niche

Depending on your field of work and how quickly and easily you want to draw people in, it may be a good idea to select business card examples that clearly tell the viewer what it is you do. In today’s times, with so many flashy, colorful business cards, it is all too easy to get misled or confused altogether about who does what with what company. Rather than force your prospects to make mental or literal notes about your business card, take the guess work out of the whole process and let the picture or logo on your business card examples tell them exactly what it is that you do! The business card examples referenced in this paragraph are an excellent sample of a to-the-point business card. (more…)

Creating a business card

The first step of creating business card examples is to choose the size for the business cards. Standard business cards are approximately three inches in width and two and a half inches in height. From there we select colors from a large color palette. Our colors are guaranteed to coordinate and mesh well with one another, while still drawing the eye and holding attention. Now it’s time to add some text! All of our business card examples are displayed with filler text, so you can get a rough idea of the finished product. Of course, the beauty of our business card examples is that they are simply examples. You are free to pick and choose what style, size and color of text you would like to use on our business card examples, and where you would like it placed! (more…)

5 Business Apps For Ease and Effeciency

The pace of business in the modern era is dictated by the speed of technology. Increased connectivity and emerging fields create demands for new innovations to meet the needs of professionals. With the mobile revolution marching onward, smartphone applications are more than just games and tools. Apps are compartmentalized functions. And if keeping your business or job functional is of importance to you, then make sure you have the right apps for the job. (more…)

What goes into business card examples

We know how important it is for you to represent your business. We’ve seen the stats, the figures, the research. We understand that business cards can make or break a business. With a business card, you have a subtle, unobtrusive way to get into businesses, wallets, pockets and even homes of potential prospects. Without… well, you’re not going to do very well without business cards. That’s why we pride ourselves in having so much creativity and expertise in coming up with hundreds of traditional and not so traditional business cards, all of which are made of the highest quality. We understand your need for business cards, and are here to meet those needs. With page after page of business card examples to peruse through, you are sure to find some business card examples that jump out of you and make you want to look at them again and again. (more…)