Do you need a Job? Join LinkedIn

When it comes to discovering jobs, one of the best uses for social networking may be found on the site LinkedIn. LinkedIn utilizes the popular idea of “six degrees of separation” to make connecting with industry professionals a clear and simple endeavor. A user may create a profile and then establish connections with friends, schoolmates, acquaintances, and colleagues. Once an individual has started to create connections, secondary and tertiary connections become available depending on who knows whom. (more…)

These tips can help you easily remember your passwords

We’ve all been there. That terrible moment when you are preparing to access a program, your email, or a bank account and we are stumped by our own ingenious. We think back to the moment when we first set that new and exciting password, convincing ourselves that there was no way a hacker or any other unsavory element could ever find their way around your new password. The problem with new and ingenious passwords is that we often find ourselves in a position where we don’t remember the password either. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid that circumstance. (more…)