Cork : An Eco-friendly, Innovative and Sustainable Material for commercial cork products

The cork oak is planted in the south of Portugal, North Africa, and Spain. Portugal produces more than 50% of the world’s cork. It is usually the soil and climate types of this zone that keep the cork oak growing. Even if cork trees can be planted in some Asian regions, only cork harvested from the Mediterranean country is recognized as commercial quality. (more…)

Accounting Services – How Businesses Benefit from Them

If you run a business then you certainly are unable to handle bookkeeping tasks. Online accounting services can be the way to go into easier and faster bookkeeping. It is an online platform that enables you to manage all your financial records online. This service is offered by accounting firms and it can help you focus to handle other tasks of your business instead of bookkeeping, which usually waste many hours. It is a simple and easy way to monitor your financial records without wasting considerable time. (more…)

Has The Internet Made You Smarter?

With information being more easily accessible than ever because of the internet, a question you may be asking yourself is, “has the internet made you smarter?” Many scholars have argued over if the internet has made us smarter or dumber, and there really is no clear definitive answer. In some ways it has made us dumber, and in others it has made us smarter. There are also ways of avoiding the internet if you believe it has taken over your life. (more…)

Free Viral Marketing for Home Business

Viral Marketing will give your Home Business or Small Business an edge over traditional marketing. Traditional marketing involves writing press releases and spending a TON of money on advertising. Viral marketing on the other hand simply involves getting your marketing message carried by others. On the internet this form of advertising often can carry the message of many different companies at once which makes it possible for you to get other businesses to spread your marketing message. (more…)